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It is my pleasure to donate to a cause that John Titus is a part of. I was his School Resource Officer for 6 years and never worked with anyone that was very professional and caring! I was made to feel part of a team that I believe was very successful!
Mark Seymour
Giving back to the man who has given so much!
Joyce Kennedy
Mr. Titus (I still can’t call you by your first name), I’m not sure any words I post here will adequately convey my appreciation for all you’ve done for me. It wasn’t fair to my other bosses that you were the first impression of what a leader could and should be. During my student teaching at Monacan, I’ll never forget seeing you in your full suit on the ground trying to fix the juke box. I said, “Isn’t there someone else to do that?” And you said, “They are busy, and I know the seniors will want to listen to music at lunch.” That, for me, captures how you are a true servant leader; you do what it is you would ask of overs. I couldn’t have picked a better person to be around when I had not 1, not 2, but 3 children. (Yes, I’m still holding at 3!!!) Each time I received an article from you about Michelle Duggar having another child, I smiled. Thank you for inspiring all of us with your wit, candor, and especially your humility. Best always, Sarah Mansfield
Sarah Mansfield
John Titus is a professional in every sense of the word and is unquestionably one of the best school administrators in the field of education. In addition to his professionalism and tremendous leadership skills, he is kind, caring, and compassionate as well. He commanded respect from the entire school community. He made decisions carefully and always put the best interest of students first. I learned a great deal about being a successful school administrator working with John Titus. He had a way of making those with whom he worked want to perform at their highest level and he was quick to acknowledge the hard work, positive contributions, and successes of all those individuals. I think everyone benefitted, at one time or another, from one or more of his wonderful handwritten notes. I have vivid memories of excited students showing me the note they received from Mr. Titus-and occasionally asking me to decipher it for them as his handwriting, while always recognizable, could be a little…… Read more
Mary Robinson
difficult to decipher! Those notes made everyone feel special. John also has a wonderful sense of humor. I can remember a number of conversations during which we reflected on a particularly challenging situation, day or week that would end in laughter as John somehow managed to find the humor in the challenge. John had very high standards for himself and for others, and provided an tremendous role model for students and staff. He is an amazing leader and a wonderful man who is truly deserving of acknowledgement and appreciation for all that he has accomplished over his years in education. I will always be grateful for having had the good fortune to work with and learn from John Titus for so many years. He’s definitely “the best”!
Continued from Mary Robinson
Hi John, It appears that you are once again doing good deeds under the shadow of The Clarke Kent(Superman) persona! It is no surprise to me that you would be the force behind the creation of a “first class” baseball facility. I would expect nothing less. While so many of your fans remember your leadership at James River, I want to take this opportunity to share some John Titus moments that some may not know about. I will never forget the the kind handwritten note that you sent to me in Hampton, welcoming me to Chesterfield as the new superintendent. I will forever remember you for your thoughtfulness and the obligatory “purple and green” m&ms! However, I believe my fondest memory of you is seeing you impersonating Michael Jackson at a Senior Class event. A member of your staff sent me the CD……..(continued)
Billy K. Cannaday, Jr., Ed.D. 
continued…. The word on the street was that Mr. T  performed a “cool” moonwalk. What made this event so memorable, was the backstory that lead to that performance. Some months earlier the Senior class had acted poorly at a school event with parents and others in attendance. As a result of this uncharacteristic behavior, you suspended Senior Class activities for the spring. Members of the senior class were disappointed, but also very remorseful. When asked by some the seniors if they could have a talent show, you not only said yes, but you also agreed to their request that you dress up as MJ-silver gloves, jacket with glitter, moon walking shoes and classic white socks. Wow! Seeing you on the CD reminded me that you truly are a “student advocate” in every way. Thanks, John, for all that you do to inspire a giving spirit! From a Hokie/Hoo to another Hoo….I am so VERY PROUD of you!      
- Billy K. Cannaday, Jr., Ed.D. - Vice Provost for Academic Outreach and Dean School of Continuing & Professional Studies - UVA| SCPS
Far and wide, people came here to honor John Titus. With stories and words – lots of impressive words. Thoughtful, witty, caring. Visionary. Intuitive leadership. Respected by students and teachers alike. From Lacrosse, to John Tyler Community College, Monacan High School Robious Elementary School and, of course, his beloved James River High School, Mr. Titus brought you all together. Very much the kind of person we all strive to be and should honor as a role model for others who have not yet met him. Post your comment to Mr. Titus if you discovered this special tribute too late to participate in the Matching Challenge. We will include them in our own tribute to him. Everyone who participated with a comment to Mr. Titus or a donation, or both, will be invited. Stay tuned!
Thank you!
Being a student at James River, I can see the affect Mr. Titus has had on the James River community. After working with him these last few months for this campaign, I’ve also been able to experience the up beat positivism that he’s so famous for. Thanks for all you’ve done, Mr. Titus! – Nikki Chiappa
Nikki Chiappa
John Titus has been a true supporter of lacrosse in our community for many dedicated years.  His service is commendable and contributes to the growth of lacrosse here in Virginia.  John is the consummate professional who can be depended upon to offer well thought out and well delivered opinions and ideas. Ever supportive and forward thinking, he is a champion of lacrosse and our respected colleague. – Bonny Hajek, Girls LACROSSE Past President of 10 years and Member of Richmond Chapter – US Lacrosse
Bonny Hajek
As a past independent school administrator and later a teacher at Robious Middle I got to know Mr. Titus through my former students – who loved their JRHS principal – and at activities I attended at the high school.  I honestly can say I’ve never met a more professional or involved principal. Mr. Titus is a natural leader who cared about all students, parents, faculty, and staff members.  His caring nature and remarkable sense-of-humor is legendary. John Titus set a high bar for all school administrators, and he will be fondly remembered always by all who had the privilege of knowing him. – Dan Rucker
Dan Rucker
As a secretary in the office at Robious Middle, I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Titus when he stepped in as interim principal and later assistant principal.  During these times, his professionalism and competence were evident to everyone.  He always took the time to interact with teachers, students, parents and staff members, and I smile when remembering his brief notes of appreciation to me and many others.  Mr. Titus is a great leader and remarkable person. – Joan Rucker
Joan Rucker
We are all blessed with the finest baseball facility in the area thanks to the vision of John Titus and so many people he influenced. In addition as we complete our 8th straight year of James River High School with our youngest graduating this Spring- we are so lucky to have been a part of the foundation built by such a wonderful man. John is such a leader and an inspiration to so many he has touched. We were crushed when he retired but realized that he set many practices in place that continued on just because of who he is. Thank you for all your dedication and being such a special part of our lives. – Bill & Laura Thompson
Bill and Laura Thompson
Continued from previous page…. The sense of school pride swelled under his leadership when in the 1999-2000 school year James River was designated a “Blue Ribbon” school by the US Department of Agriculture. When my son attended, it received the “Model School” designation by the International Center for Leadership in Education. John Titus motivated the entire community to do their absolute best to win these designations. In the band program, receiving anything less than a “Superior” rating was not acceptable. The kids wanted to please both Mr. Stegner and Mr. Titus. Both these men were teachers in the ultimate sense as they influenced kids as a community to bring their best efforts to the tasks at hand. As a parent involved in the Band Booster organization, I recall a few bumps in the road but John Titus with his cool, calm aplomb smoothed the way and got everyone to join him on the high road to success. Both my kids have been made richer by having had the opportuni… Read more
Sandy Bowen
The new principal arrived at 4 year old James River High School in time for the fall 1997 semester entry of my very young 13 year old freshman daughter. So did the new band director, Jim Stegner. The combined influence of these two men had a profound effect on my daughter, my son and on me. I knew John Titus as a fellow Wahoo (UVA grad) and the former principal of Monacan High School. My high school buddy, Mary Trimmer Robinson his long time trusted assistant principal came with him from Monacan. They were a powerful duo. From the very beginning John insisted professionalism and on a dress code for faculty. He insisted that young men tuck in their shirts and remove their hats in the building. John Titus kept things running smoothly. His calm sense of control demanded respect from day one. Plus, he seemed to be everywhere at the same time. John Titus was at every band event and every sport event. I knew he was there to take care of our kids but also to keep my child safe……continued – Sa… Read more
Sandy Bowen
John Titus has been a driving force behind lacrosse in the Richmond community for over 30 years. He has officiated at the highest levels of lacrosse on both the national and high school levels. He was instrumental in establishing a VHSL recognized lacrosse team at James River High School during his tenure there as principal. He has been selfless in his efforts to develop quality officiating in the Richmond area. Additionally he has served the lacrosse community through participation in leadership roles with VHSL, US Lacrosse and Central Virginia Lacrosse Officials. We cannot thank John enough for all he has done and the Central Virginia Lacrosse Officials Association is proud to make a donation in his honor. – Tim Spivey – President CVLOA
Tim Spivey
The fantastic opportunity to film RBI’s promotional videos has allowed me to meet so many new and intriguing people, one of which was John Titus. Before ever meeting Mr. Titus I was introduced to the often humorous and heartfelt stories that have created and expanded the Titus legend over the years. Meeting him simply proved what I had always heard: Mr. Titus is one of the rare and humble men who impacts the lives of everyone that he meets in a positive and memorable way. – Dalton Lackey (2016)
Dalton Lackey
Mr. Titus, You have set a great example of leadership in our community. Anne’s sisters (Susan & Martha McNeil), our brother-in-law (Jason Williamson), and my baby brother (Randy Early) directly benefited from your tenure as principal at Monacan High School. Each of them, along with our parents, praised your passion back then. Randy also had the good fortune to work on your staff at James River and repeatedly shared stories of your efforts to support his students, his program and his professional development. You are a mentor that he deeply respects. As parents we finally had the opportunity to see those same traits first hand when graciously you stepped in as the interim principal and then vice principal at Robious Middle School. Your efforts helped maintain high standards during periods of transition in administration. And now our family is enjoying the benefits of your vision for the James River baseball program. We are fortunate to have access to such a phenomenal fac… Read more
Todd and Anne Early
Our son Randy talked about Mr. Titus every week while he was in high school (Monacan ’94-98), about something he said or did that was in the best interest of the students or of him, in particular. He always had time for the students!!! Mr. Titus has been like a beacon, or lighthouse, in our lives. Always there, strong and steady, but never overbearing. His light always coming around to encourage and support. He was a strong influence in Randy’s life as he was deciding what to do with his life in high school. When Randy began teaching, Mr. Titus came around again at James River, helped him get a strong hold on his career and was a major supporter of his receiving the REB award. Now he comes around yet again for the grandchildren. Always sturdy, always dependable, always positive. We attribute many good memories to him. Thank you, Mr. Titus. – Peggy & Jimmie Early
Peggy & Jimmie Early
Mr. Titus, Thank you for the tremendous contribution of time, guidance and vision for JRHS. As a former PTSA Board member and the parent of 3 boys who passionately pursued baseball during their years at JRHS I am grateful for the support you gave athletics. State championship team or not your presence was noted and appreciated. Most importantly academics were never compromised.(well, except maybe for the great exam waiver of 2008!) Your footprint is stamped in the halls and on the fields of JRHS. – Chris and Mike Cleary. (Thomas ’05 Jack ’08 Brendan ’15)
Chris and Mike Cleary
Mr. Titus was my first real life example of true leadership. Yes, I had read about effective leaders in plenty of textbooks, articles, and even literature (Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorites), but it wasn’t until I met Mr. Titus who modeled class, poise, fairness, and authenticity that I had an everyday example. From the students, to the faculty, to the parents, he was and still is revered. I’ll never forget years ago after Mr, Titus finished making an announcement on the intercom, and one of my 9th graders turned to me and commented on how much she respected Mr. Titus. A 14 year old… Thank you Mr. Titus for helping shape the leader I am today and aspire to be. Ashley Hewlett
Ashley Hewlett
You all have made a difference in my life, so this is my attempt at doing the same–although money hardly seems like a fair way to reimburse you for the time and energy y’all invested in developing me, and so many others, into fine men and women. Keep doing great things. On the surface you teach baseball, football, history, science, etc. Underneath it all you’re showing young men and women how to be strong, respectful, thoughtful, resilient learners and leaders. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do. And please tear up that field some and add rocks. Rocks also build character through bad hops. – John Nance
John Nance
Mr.Titus is in my view a classic example of a man with a calling.The professionalism and devotion  that he brought to his position went far beyond that of just a job. The atmosphere he created and expected from staff and students alike was  akin to that of  a college campus. His positive attitude  and constant striving to improve the student experience at James River was an inspiration to the whole Rapids community. His commitment  and  ability to communicate with students , parents and staff helped to create the trust and standards that make James River such a special place. The lessons learned by our  children both in the classrooms and in all the  activities that were available under his watch will prove to be tangible resources to them for all of their lives. John Titus  made a  difference in his career at James River and I am sure he will where ever his path takes him. Many thanks, and all the best – Andy Scherzer
Andy Scherzer
Mr. Titus was at James River when both my daughter and son attended.    We were very fortunate to have him.   He demonstrated leadership, professionalism and he was a role model for the students.   His commitment was obvious through his interactions with students and his participation in all the events.    It always amazed me to look up and see him at any event we attended.   He made it a point to talk to the parents, students and teachers.   He always seemed to have a pulse on every aspect of the school system. – Kim Trentham
Kim Trentham
Hey John—–Your legacy continues! Long will I remember those good ‘ole Monacan days and your grace with our rebel son and his buds. Every trip Sue and I took with Dwight Graham brought yet another gray hair…and yet there you were…ever so quietly and yet with such class keeping the emphasis on integrity and values. We are in your debt. Thanks John for the privilege of being one of your great boosters and for the thousands of lives you have enhanced…including ours. Long may you wave! Chris Withers
Chris Withers
What a beautiful facility the JRHS baseball program has enjoyed due to the vision and leadership provided by Mr. Titus. Thank you for stepping outside of the typical role of principal and for providing a rich legacy for decades to come… ~ The Badura Family
The Badura Family
My favorite Mr. Titus story: When I was a freshman at the University of Mary Washington, I worked at the school’s gym as a desk aide. One afternoon, I saw a man approaching the desk wearing a referee uniform, and I thought nothing of it since we always had sports refs coming in and out of there. As he got closer, I heard him say, “Well, this looks like a James River graduate!” and looked up to see Mr. Titus smiling at me. It brought a huge grin to my face and made me realize just how much he cared about and noticed each and every JRHS student. Every time I think about it, I start smiling all over again. Mr. Titus, you were a great principal, and I feel very lucky to have been a student at James River when you were there! – Ashley Anderson, class of 2004
Ashley Anderson
Mr. Titus, The time that I was able to work with you at James River High was such a true blessing! You were so much fun to work with and showed your love for the students and staff by being a great listener and supporter. Your love for the education and well-being for students was evident daily. Being able to ‘be real’ and have fun at Pep Rallies with the staff and students and be active in day to day activities that went on in the school, community and sporting events, encouraged everyone who came in contact with you to want to be a better person themselves. Thank you!! – Deb Anderson
Deborah Anderson
A superb project!  The comments from students, families and colleagues reinforce why this is an endeavor worthy of support.  John, the accolades are well-deserved. – Jane Carlson
Jane Carlson
I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Titus only a few years before he retired. Mr. Titus was extremely professional and a man of integrity. He cared deeply about the students and the staff and often wrote personal notes to express his appreciation and congratulations. He had an open door policy and was approachable. Mr. Titus bled purple and green and was visible at school functions. His dry sense of humor is missed. I can’t think of a better way to honor Mr. Titus and his service to Chesterfield County. Lill Hilton
Lill Hilton
Mr. Titus, Thank you for making James River an amazing place to learn and grow! I appreciate all of the time you spent supporting teachers, attending sporting events, participating in class events, and recognizing students’ achievements. Now, I am glad you are getting recognition for a job well done! Sincerely, Rita DiGrazia Page
Rita DiGrazia Page
Mr. Titus became principal during my sophomore year of high school and as a student, I was wary of things changing. I have to say, he changed JRHS for the better. I felt safe, challenged, accepted, and happy as a student.  After I graduated, he continued to push the school, staff, and students to be their best. I’m a current faculty member and his legend lives on.  He was a true champion for this school and he deserves every accolade that can be afforded to him. – Mary Beall
Mary Beall
Titus stands for: Tenacious Innovative Trustworthy Unique Simply the Best! TITUS stands for James River H.S.! – Lisa Schaffner
Lisa Schaffner
My favorite Mr Titus memory: June 2010 Graduation was my first graduation as senior class sponsor. Our Commencement speaker arrived wearing jeans and his Adidas. I will never forget the look that Mr Titus gave me. It was not the proper attire for our graduation even if he covered the jeans with an appropriate graduation robe! Thank goodness the speech was good! Most of all thank you for all little things… coming to my classroom on Back to school nights, the M&Ms, the notes (which I still have), having an open door when I had questions, and supporting my efforts in the classroom, senior class, and as department chair. Thank You! Suzanne
Suzanne Willie
I’m forever grateful for Mr. Titus’ vision and leadership in bringing NJROTC to James River High School. His unwavering support set our new program up for SUCCESS. In our two years together, he always made it about the cadets, the CADETS, THE CADETS! Retirement has only led to his support from a distance where as a board member he nominated NJROTC to serve as the color guard for the John Tyler Community College Presidential Inauguration this past fall. On a  personal note,  John’s handwritten “Titusgrams” including the Rapids green and purple M&Ms always greatly encouraged me as the first JRHS Senior Naval Science Instructor! – CDR Pete Greenwald
CDR Pete Greenwald
Our family was especially fortunate to have our son attend James River and for him to have such a wonderful and caring principal as John Titus. His dedication and connections with his students were second to none — truly an exception principal and administrator. From demonstrating his commitment and presence related to the many JRHS club and sports teams to even watching over end of day parking lot activities — Mr. Titus constantly showed how much he cared about JRHS students and their future success. He touched the lives of thousands of students, teachers, parents and friends and we are blessed by these relationships with Mr. Titus. – John, Sheri and Tyler Carrico
The Carrico Family
Mr. Titus, I loved working with you and always felt your professionalism rubbed off on so many. I always appreciated all that you did, for the cause, whatever that may have been, even dancing.  I know Sean will never forget dancing with Mr. Titus…….thanks again!!! – Amy Cook
Amy Cook
He loved his “work” as evidenced by always being there for JRHS events, and for being approachable. – John J. Beall, Jr.
John J. Beall, Jr.
I cannot think of a person more deserving of recognition for his work with the James River community than John Titus.  From his still “purple” trimmed wardrobe to his Rapid Pride still running deep, he remains a visibly committed individual in promoting the well-being and next level of excellence for everyone connected to the school. A true leader with a vision, he helped set the initial view of what this community has achieved and still works hard to push it to become all it can be. Again, so deserving of praise I join with all others in saying “thank you” for all that you do! – Joe Tylus
Joe Tylus
I feel extremely fortunate to have worked for John Titus at both Monacan and James River. He is, without a doubt, the most effective administrator to ever work for Chesterfield County Public Schools. His personal integrity, professionalism, commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and his dry sense of humor are unparalleled. He is the standard by which all other administrators should be measured. I would like to thank him for being such a positive role model for me and for my sons, who both graduated from James River. Suzanne G. McLean
Suzanne G. McLean
………….One of the most profound things I learned from observing you is to take as much responsibility for the “little” things as for the “big” things. I will never see trash on the floor as someone else’s responsibility because you didn’t. Like Michelangelo said, “Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.” Thanks for raising the bar, Mr. Titus. I’m proud to have worked with you. Ex animo, Donna Dollings
Donna Dollings
John Titus – Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition for your undeniable dedication, innovative thinking and supportive leadership. As principal, of James River High School, you continuously inspired staff and students to raise their standards to the highest levels. Working with you at JRHS was truly an honor. Sincerely, Allison Duvall
Allison Duvall
I had the privilege of working with John Titus as a parent as well as a professional. Having 2 Rapids graduates, I found you to be one of the most fair, respectful and respected principals around. The respect you showed the students daily was clearly reciprocated by them to you. You were always supportive, encouraging and welcoming to all you came in contact with. Your door seemed to always be open, though often you were not in your office, but rather out and about in the school, connecting with the students and staff. Thank you for the role model you were to all, but mostly, thank you for allowing everyone to feel like they had a friend in you! Well done, John Titus. Well done! – Cris Sheppard
Cris Sheppard
……………Thank you from the bottom of my heart for devoting all of your time, energy, and passion into the lives of so many students and teachers. Make it a great day or not? The choice will always be ours. And for you, I hope you have the greatest days because you deserve them. Thank you for inspiring all of us. My deepest appreciation and admiration. Go Hoos and Rapids! Kim Wray McKnight
Kim Wray McKnight
……………….As a student at Monacan I was able to discover and realize my passion for working with individuals with intellectual disabilities because of the environment and culture of learning predicated by Mr. Titus. Being able to hone my skills as a teacher in this same environment significantly aided my professional evolution. I am forever grateful for the time I spent learning and working with Mr. Titus, and will always aim to meet the standards he set. Thank you for everything, Mr. Titus. – C. Randy Early
C. Randy Early
………….. I also remember a few times when I would be shopping or working at Chesterfield Towne Center. I’d see him, wearing *gasp* jeans and a Hawaiian shirt. I tried not to bother him while he was out, but I doubt I’d have been the first student who was “shocked” to see my buttoned-up principal so dressed down–a nice reminder that teachers and administrators are people, too. Mr. Titus, thanks for making a shy little high schooler feel special one day in a world were I often felt overlooked. This shy little high schooler now works at James River as an English teacher, and I can only hope I make even a fraction of the difference you’ve made in our school and community. Thank you. – Lauren Benere
Lauren Benere
Mr. Titus was principal when I attended JRHS from 1997-2001. I remember being called down to his office during class once, and as a kid who rarely encountered my school’s administration, I was terrified I had done something wrong. I went in, expected to be disciplined (because that’s what happens when you go to the principal’s office, right?), and instead found a smiling Mr. Titus with a small pack of purple and green JRHS M&Ms waiting for me. He had called me down to congratulate me for consistently making the Honor Roll. James River is a big school, and as an adult and teacher I now know that this was just another part of his long and busy schedule, but it still made me feel special, and my hard work appreciated……………continued  
Lauren Benere
Hi there Mr. Titus. I hope this message finds you well. Kathleen McDonald once shared with our class about your first year at JRHS. She emphasized how you memorized the name and face of every rising senior and intentionally greeted them in the hallway. Knowing someone’s name is such an important way of showing them how much they matter. I’m sure you made a big impact on a lot of people in that class because of it, and the same intent came through to each group of students who followed. People come first when you’re present. That’s my favorite thing, and it continues to speak volumes. Thanks for being great! Gracie Ofslager
Gracie Ofslager
Mr. Titus- We extend our sincerest gratitude for your years of service to the JRHS community. As a man of supreme character, compassion, and integrity, you’ve made a lasting impression on so many. From students, to faculty, to coaches, to staff…we’d all agree that JRHS would not be the same without you! Thank you again! Warm Regards- Class of 2004
Class of 2004
I have long viewed Mr. Titus as a venerable member of our community, both within the walls of the school, and beyond. My experience with Mr. Titus is two-tiered. I first had the privilege of being a student under his tutelage while attending Monacan High School (’94 -’98). In the fall of 2004 I again found myself under his guidance, but this time as a teacher. In both scenarios, Mr. Titus was a compassionate leader who promoted growth by always expecting my best effort. The respect he commanded from me was always returned through his support and encouragement…continued
C. Randy Early
Thank you, Mr. Titus, for your dedication and commitment to the school. You were always visible, in the hallways, at school functions and sporting events. The students loved you, as was apparent at Senior Night in 2005 in the opening video. You were always there to support the students, even in Chantilly, to hand over the state championship trophy to the 2008 team and the Senior Night Baseball Game at the Diamond in 2011, even on a Saturday! My son’s were very lucky to have you at the helm when they attended James River. The example you set for the students is beyond compare. Barbara Bardenheier
Barbara Bardenheier
Dear John, Congratulations on this well deserved recognition. It’s hard for me to put into words all the ways you have benefited James River High School (and me personally) by your leadership, so I will go to an ancient source for help. (Surprise!) Aristotle wrote, “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” I am grateful for your habit of excellence, for your tireless service to others, for your vision of what should be and your belief that it could be……….continued
Donna Dollings
……………John’s pride in the school carried through all academics, sports, clubs, and events, creating a real team spirit in the JRHS community. He involved stakeholders in the decision-making process, many times deflecting my complaints into asking me how I would solve the problem. He empowered me to challenge mediocrity and encouraged risk-taking programs. John never did shy away from tough issues. He tackled the subjects of drug and alcohol use by teens, and he reminded parents of the role they need to take to keep their students safe. The door to John’s office was seldom closed; therefore, parents, staff, and students felt free to come to him. I may have abused that invitation but I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked and laughed with him! – Ann Reinke
Ann Reinke
Mr. Titus- The school under your leadership grew not only in the athletics but also academically. My two daughters prospered during their years at JRHS and I can anticipate my two boys will also benefit from your influence when they arrive. You always provided the bingo program run by the Boosters with the support it needed to be successful. I will always be appreciative of that as well. – Donnie Etz
Donnie Etz
Good Luck! – Debbie Coyner
Debra Coyner
John Titus’s professionalism, vision and kindness inspired all of us on the faculty. He had high expectations of the staff and students,  but never more demanding than he was  of himself. John’s sense of humor and willingness to engage with students (stage performances!) staff (always and open door and an open mind) and parents (firm, fair and loving their kids) while managing the nebulous organism that is a modern high school was remarkable. I am so fortunate to have spent half my professional career with him. Thanks, John! – Laura Wright
Laura Wright
Mr. John Titus, You have indeed left a legacy of excellence in education here at James River High.Your level of sincere stewardship has benefited the lives of students, parents and staff alike. From the hand-written thank-you notes with M&Ms to the endless hours spent supporting after school functions and activities. Also, how many Principals’ would read aloud to the entire school Dr. Seuss Oh,The Places You’ll Go! Again, many thanks for your leadership! – Frank Constanzer
Frank Constanzer
Mr. Titus made me proud to be a Rapid!! He was a great leader with a great vision! Thank you! – Christi Malone
Christi Malone
I’ve always appreciated a person with a dry sense of humor, and with John, I found the Sahara! Goodness knows he needed a sense of humor to deal with me, as this librarian tends to be a bit uncensored. His bemused detachment allowed him to weather my rants and my propensity to “stick-it-to-the man” when I disagreed with something I considered unfair or unjust. As a leader, John Titus would be the last person to seek personal recognition. Every day John demonstrated his commitment to JRHS, arriving early and staying late. Continued…………. – Ann Reinke
Ann Reinke
Mr. Titus, Thank you for your dedication in the class room and on the athletic fields. We really appreciate you being such a role model to the students of James River High School. Also, a special “Thank-you” for your involvement with the RBI program. – The Lanciani Family
The Lanciani Family
Thank you Mr. Titus. As a former principal of Robious Middle School I can personally attest to your influence in our community. You never knew how much pressure I placed on myself to be worthy to lead in the James River High School feeder pattern. Your presence compelled me to question, reflect, and carefully examine decisions that were critical to student outcomes. You made me aspire to be better!! – Javaid Siddiqi
Javaid Siddiqi
Mr. Titus, Thank you for all your support of the program throughout the years. You have influenced so many people in a positive way, and I am grateful to have had the pleasure of working with you. -Liam Lawless
Liam Lawless
As my first child was heading to James River as a freshman, I was nervous for him entering a large public school. However, my mind was put at ease upon meeting Mr. Titus. I was impressed by his professional behavior and his genuine personality. Mr. Titus commanded respect from the students and appeared to be well like and admired by the staff. I was reassured that JRHS was a safe place for learning and that my son would be just fine. I always loved seeing Mr. Titus at numerous sporting events and was sad when he left. My oldest has since graduated from JRHS and enjoyed his time as a student and baseball player while there. I still have two sons attending JRHS and appreciate his continued dedication to the athletic program. Thank you Mr. Titus for your commitment to James River academics and athletics. You made a huge difference in our life and many others. – Leslie, Lee, Gregory, Joshua and Andrew Winder
The Winder Family
Mr. Titus was, is, and I’m sure will continue to be the pinnacle of greatness. His leadership of JRHS provided us with a learning environment second to none. On top of all this, he’s a pretty good lacrosse official too.  – Adam Barkley
Adam Barkley
John Titus was the consummate principal – not only did he have the skills, he looked the part! In addition to appreciating John for his work at the school while my daughter was at James River, I worked with John on many school issues and the interaction between James River and its surrounding community. John has an incredible vision of how things should be and the ability to help shape events to achieve that vision. That is a rare combination. Thanks for all you do for the school and community. – Dan Gecker
Dan Gecker
Mr. Titus, You have done so much for the RBI program- Thank you for you dedicated support! You were a fantastic principal at James River High School and your vision continues on! Thank you for all you did and all you are doing to support the youth in the community! – Pam Irby
Pam Irby
Thank you, Mr. Titus, for the support you have given to the RBI program. I am proud to say that I am a senior from this outstanding program. – Ryan Irby
Ryan Irby
Dear Mr. Titus, My educational career has been filled with many principals and education leaders. Only you had the ability to lead a high school with compassion, dedication, and vision. The students and the staff always revered your leadership. You were a supporter of extracurriculars and academics with a genuine care for all of us. Once our principal, always our principal… even after I graduated from James River High School and UVA, you still managed to be a supporter of my education career. Some of my proudest moments include beautifully handwritten notes with purple and green M&Ms delivered to Robious Elementary School in my teacher mailbox when I received accolades as a teacher. 5-10 years after I graduate high school and you still manage to make one of your former student’s days. You were and continue to be an anomaly in education…….. continued  
Kim Wray McKnight
Dear Mr. Titus, Thank you so much for all you’ve done for James River High School and the community. As a 2005 graduate, I look back on my time at JRHS as very special, and I realize now how unique that is. Under your leadership, James River was a place where students truly enjoyed their high school experience. Everyone had something positive to say about you, and I can remember a few conversations in the girl’s locker room about your good looks and suspenders! Haha! In my experiences over the last ten years or so, I’ve learned how difficult it is to lead while maintaining the respect and admiration of others; but you did it, and you have much to be proud of! Thanks for letting me be part of it. Lauren Starkey Riggs
Lauren Starkey Riggs
Mr. Titus, thank you so much for all that you have done for my school, the Rapids Baseball Program, and so many students, like myself. – Dylan Lackey
Dylan Lackey
Mr. Titus, I guess it’s a good thing I was never in your office! My memories of you are good as you would always attend school events, standing in the distance with your walkie talkie. You are JRHS!  – Steven “Stix” Austin  
Steven "Stix" Austin
I was aware of John Titus’s sterling reputation before I came to James River in 2002. I was delighted to learn during the ensuing nine years of working for Mr. Titus that this reputation was and remains well founded. I admired his uncanny ability to facilitate a vision of excellence by embodying it: His attention to detail, his follow through, his ability to seemingly be everywhere at all times, his unflappable cool, his ability to communicate clearly and cleverly–all served to set an example which allowed those of us who endeavored to follow his lead to collectively contribute to making the reputation of John Titus in turn become the reputation of James River High School. How fitting a tribute so honoring his legacy would be! – Stuart Nabors
Stuart Nabors
Mr. Titus, You made high school enjoyable. Your encouraging words, special M&Ms, and handwritten notes made you the best principal. You were a profound influence on me during my years at JRHS. You always supported all of my endeavors; however, your guidance about becoming a teacher was the most important thing you did for me. You supported me through Teachers for Tomorrow, and you even helped me get accepted to graduate school to become a teacher. I am now in my fourth year of teaching high school, and I have you to thank. I am not surprised that you continue to go great things, even after you “retired.” I hear that you are still working quite often, though! :) I cannot thank you enough for your support and kindness over the years. I wish you the best of luck with this project, and I am so excited to see that you are continuing to influence young people with your good heart. Thanks for everything, Kathleen Carper
Kathleen Carper
John Titus has been the true Class Act. James River and its graduates have benefited from his leadership, intellect and vision. This project is a wonderful example of that vision. Thousands of graduates will remember lessons they learned from John. This ranks right up there in his accomplishments. – Sue Kucera (Midkiff)
Sue (Midkiff) Kucera
Mr. Titus, You have always been an excellent role model and mentor for my children and all the students in Chesterfield County who have had the privilege of having you as principal. Each year at Back to School night, we would have a conversation about how many more years you needed to stay to see all my children through James River. You would say, “I’m not ready yet,” even though you could have retired, and were still there when my last child graduated seven years later. Thank you! Your support for James River athletic programs and baseball,in particular, is to be commended. As the parent of a player who was there for the “before” and “after” of the field and clubhouse improvements, I know how much your support meant to the coaches and parents who worked so tirelessly to make this happen. Thank you for your leadership, dedication, and commitment to quality. You are truly a legend in Chesterfield County!- Kathy Brown
Kathy Brown
John, it was a pleasure working with you at JRHS. Thank you for all you have done for the teachers, students and community as a whole. I am happy to donate to RBI in honor of you, and Pete Shumacher, a truly outstanding coach and teacher. You both have helped make JRHS one of the best baseball teams in the state. Go Rapids! – Fran Cleary
Fran Cleary
Mr. Titus, Thank you for everything you have done for the graduating class of 2003. I always tell people I went to James River High School, and remember proudly it was the ‘blue ribbon school of excellence’! I always felt safe at school, and I’ll never forget how you were always striving for more, with our best interests at heart. I remember whenever I saw you in the hallway you were so confident and pleasant and said hi to everyone, including students, staff and visitors. Thank you for being the principal you were, for offering us all the opportunities we had, for preparing us for the real world, for a higher education, for your support, all your hard work, your sacrifice, your encouragement, for all the things we may have taken for granted…thank you for being the man behind all of our success, the strong foundation that allowed us to grow and excel, thank you for everything!!!!! Best Regards, Katie Squires (Katie Shortlidge now)
Katie (Squires) Shortlidge
It was always a treat to get a Mr. Titus “hello” in the hallway during the school day. Mr. Titus, thank you for an incredible high school experience! – Sarah Bennett – ’04
Sarah Bennett - '04
John, Thank you so much for your leadership, your common sense approach to education, and your attention to detail. It has made all the difference. It was a real pleasure to work for and with you. Thanks again, Tim Couillard
Tim Couillard
THANK YOU Mr. Titus for making my time as teacher, under your leadership, here at James River a great experience! One thing I did notice while you were principal. was how much the students and the school meant to you, and in return how much you still mean to us all. Although I was not a student while you were here, I know many who were, and all of them have the greatest respect for you. Thank you again for all that you did! – Mike Ricci
Mike Ricci
I am so lucky that I got to work with you Mr. Titus!! You were always incredibly supportive and giving to your staff and to the students, and you had the best sense of humor! I wish that you hadn’t retired so soon because your students and staff miss you! – Liz Ahlfield
Liz Ahlfield
Mr. Titus- thank you for your support in both academics and athletics during my time at James River High School. I have so many profound memories of you during my times in high school, but one stands out to me the most. After winning the state championship in 2008, I remember so many Rapids fans on the field celebrating with us. You were right there in the mix with all of it, so proud of what we all accomplished and even handed the trophy over! Even after my time there, your leadership and vision (along with RBI and the Board) continue to elevate James River into a nationally recognized school of excellence for academics and sports. I am so proud to call myself a Rapid Alum and will continue to support all that you do.
Austin Stadler
Thank you John Titus,I am proud to say I was able to be a JR teacher while you were principle which helped me fall in love with this school. You always impressed me with your leadership, and even when everything happening was frustrating you knew the best way to handle it. Your hard work and dedication to the school and the students were evident by everyone, with your high expectations “Be good or be gone” students knew what was expected of them. – Krissy Scougal
Krissy Scougal
Mr. Titus is the most respected and admired person I have ever worked for. He took pride in every aspect of James River High School – from academic achievement to the physical appearance of the building. He brought out the best in his staff. No one wanted to disappoint him. I will always remember his attention to detail, his seemingly boundless energy, his professionalism, and his dry wit. I am fortunate to have worked for him for so many years. – Chuck LaRocca
Chuck LaRocca
John, Thank you for all you continue to do for John Tyler Community College and our community! Ted Raspiller
Ted Raspiller - John Tyler Community College
Mr. Titus, Thank you for being such an inspiration to myself and all of us that attended James River. I’ll never forget the hand-written notes with your blue fountain pen and those rapid-colored M & M’s. You have made a lasting impression on me, and it was one of the reasons I was excited to come back and teach at JRHS. Also, Looking back on my 4 years as a Rapid, I can’t think of a time when you were not present at an event. Your unwavering dedication to the school made my 4 years better than I could have imagined. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Mallory Strittmatter
Mallory Strittmatter
Mr. Titus!I can not fathom a better high school experience, and I am so grateful to have attended while you were at the helm. I will forever remember your legendary Spring Conduct and Attire announcements while sitting in Mrs. Dollings’ Latin classes. One of my favorite lines was, “There will be no lingering swappings of saliva in the hallways”. Thank you for making James River High School a truly special place. – John Gaglio – 2005
John Gaglio - 2005
John Titus has been a tremendous supporter and advocate for students and student-athletes at James River both as it’s principal and in “retirement”. Over the past 10 years, I have had the distinct privilege of working with John on the upgrades of the baseball facility and the formation of RBI. Our community is very fortunate to have this beautiful facility. It was not an easy undertaking and needed a lot of support. I can assure you that John worked diligently with a group of folks to make this all happen. Throughout this time, John was there lending his guidance and support. As one who has been involved with this project literally from day one, there is no doubt in my mind that because of John Titus’s vision and support, this facility became a reality. We all owe John a huge “Thank you” – Ray McGowan
Ray McGowan
Mr. Titus, Thank you for being not only a great principle, but a kind and strong role model for every student who attended James River. You always have had a way with words that was beautiful and inspiring. I’m so glad to know you and see you’re still doing great things! Fondly, Samantha Crowell
Samantha Crowell
A sincere thank you for being a part of our most formative school years. You were a role model of education, sportsmanship, and character. You led James River to numerous accolades and educational excellence. It is an honor to have learned within such an incredible school with one of the greatest staffs of teachers. Thank you for your guidance for so many years. James River and it’s students are better for having you as a leader. JRHS is remembered fondly in my family and friends, and will continue for my children: we moved into the school district so that they will have the opportunity that we were so generously given. – Ashley Hutchinson Stigall
Ashley Hutchinson Stigall
Thanks for helping to make JRHS such a great school, Mr. Titus! I have many fond memories of my years there :) – Ashley Anderson
Ashley Anderson
Thank you for all that you have done for the JRHS students, staff and community! – Anna Lucas
Anna Lucas
Mr. Titus, Thank you for everything that you have done for the James River High School community. As a former JRHS baseball manager, I am also extremely grateful for all you have done for Rapids Baseball Incorporated. I had an exceptional experience at JRHS and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from you as a leader. I will always be proud to be a JRHS alum! Best wishes, Sarah Sheppard
Sarah Sheppard
Mr Titus, Thanks you for everything you did for James River High School and particularly the athletic program. It always amazed me how many events you attended. I absolutely think you must have had some body doubles because no one can be in two place at once but it seemed as though you were. You were a great leader who set an example for students (and parents). The baseball program and facilities would not be where they are today without your vision, motivation and leadership (not too bad since you are a lacrosse guy!) thanks for everything you have done and continue to do to promote RBI !! All the best, Dave Scheetz
Dave Scheetz
Our donation is with gratitude to John Titus’s commitment to James River academics and athletics. Your personal commitment to each student was “walking the walk” and set a standard of excellence for all to model.  – June and Jerry Edwards
June and Jerry Edwards
  Dear John, Thank you for the many hand-written notes that meant so much to teachers and students and staff members alike. You’re Jimmy Fallon’s role model when it comes to thank you notes! My years at both Monacan and James River were enhanced by your guidance and inspiration. Oh Captain, my Captain, thank YOU for inspiring so many to excel and reach their full in education. Fondly, Nancy Wilder
Nancy Wilder
Thank you, Mr. Titus for creating an environment that led to lasting memories for myself and all of my siblings! My experience at James River was enriched several times through a variety of the programs that have benefited from you and I’m happy to assist in any way possible! – Alexis O’Shanick
Alexis O'Shanick
I have worked in the education community in one capacity or another since graduating from law school in 1986. In all of those years, I have come across some wonderful educators. Two made lasting positive impressions on me. The first was C. L. Slonaker, principal of Robious Elementary when Michael was there. The second was John Titus. In all of my years working with principals across Virginia, I have never seen a priI know most of you would agree with me. During his tenure teachers, students and parents respected him. In addition, he was the consummate professional. I don’t think the man ever slept. He would be at a football game on Friday night and I would turn around and see him at an out-of-town band competition the next morning and later hear that he was at another sporting event that afternoon. He supported all student activities. (Continued)
Robin Hegner
  ………In addition, Mr. Titus was supportive of me as the president of James River Band Boosters. He supported me, he listened to me when I needed a sounding board, and he gave me great advice – sometimes with a wicked sense of humor. I am very appreciative of the way he helped me. I believe a principal makes or breaks a school. A great principal takes responsibility for school success, leads teaching and learning, hires, develops and retains excellent teachers, and builds strong communities. John Titus did this. He was a great principal and he is a wonderful human being. James River High School and all of our children benefitted from his hard work. Mr. Titus, thank you! – Robin Hegner
Robin Hegner
Superior Value=John Titus How do you measure value? Money ? Things? or legacy and influence that you have left in a community. The value that John Titus has brought to our community can not be reduced to a line item or spread sheet. Although he has added to every citizens property value in Chesterfield county by leading James River High School to a Blue ribbon school recognized as a top HS across the country . His greatest contribution has been the lives of teachers and students he has influenced in his career as an educator and leader. (Continued)
Dr. James Schroeder
    John Titus is a man of integrity and I was blessed to learn from him as a new teacher. He is extremely professional and recognizes and affirms the positive contributions of his employees! It is easy to be a fan of a man who stands by his word and leads by example. I am thrilled to make this donation and help commemorate Titus’ legacy at JRHS! -Rebecca Sherman Perry
Rebecca Sherman Perry
……………….His most recent endeavor as part of a unique school -private partnership has been in the construction of a baseball facility intended to have a long lasting impact on the youth of our community. Take a moment and make a difference. – James Schroeder
Dr. James Schroeder
During my time at James River, Mr. Titus was an exceptional leader and a great inspiration to the faculty, staff, and student body alike. I am honored to have had Mr. Titus as our principal and I am extremely appreciative of the work he has done and continues to do for RBI. Thank you Mr. Titus! – Collin Lawless
Collin Lawless
Mr. Titus was an amazing principal at James River High School. The James River community could not have asked for a better leader! Thank you for all that you do! – Bryan Hannum
Bryan Hannum
Mr. Titus was a fantastic role model for students and faculty alike at James River. I still remember being in awe of him my first year in the building as a teacher & I know that James River would not be the place it is today without his amazing leadership and vision. Thank you Mr. Titus for all that you have done and continue to do for our schools! – Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas
Mr. Titus- RBI could not have completed this project without your guidance, support and vision. Thank you so much for everything you have done for James River High School and the surrounding community. – Shane Smith-Board Member
Shane Smith-Board Member
Mr. Titus, there are many reasons I can think of to thank you. Believing in this private-public partnership is one and believing we could create the building is another. The most important reason to thank you, however, is for the leadership your faculty demonstrated to my family when my son became a temporary special needs student after his brain injury. That mirror image of your leadership is your legacy. – Lisa Germano
Lisa Germano
I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Titus. He was a visionary as a leader of James River High School, and has given his life to helping other students and teachers wherever he’s been. Mr. Titus is confident, calm, and humble, and he just does things right. If there was ever a problem, James River knew that John Titus would know how to handle it. I am thankful that he was my leader for many years at James River and that he is a partner on the Board of RBI with me – Pete Schumacher
Pete Schumacher
Mr Titus, you are an amazing man and proven leader. Your years at the helm of JRHS were amazing. As a parent of an athlete and musician I am inspired by your dedication to athletics and the arts. Our band program benefited immensely from your support and I will always cherish your presence at our meetings and events. Thank you Thank you Thank you Liesl – John and Liesl Delisio
John and Liesl Delisio
Mr. Titus – Thanks for getting my two boys, Cory and Adam Chaffin, ready for college, and for all of your support during those years – Tina Kendall
Tina Kendall
Mr. Titus, Your leadership while Todd & Kate attended JRHS was always inspirational. A particularly emotional memory (still) is seeing you standing in front of the school with your blaze yellow vest on when I dropped off Todd the day of the Sniper scare. I was hesitant to let him attend school that day, but your presence reassured me beyond words. Thank you for all of your support for the JRHS Regiment and all other activities while they were in school – Martha Wellons
Martha Wellons
Mr. Titus – you are an inspiration and I am proud to have served with you on this Board of RBI – Craig Schwartz
Craig Schwartz

Coaches Corner

Coach’s Corner:  

Hi! My name is Bryan Hannum and I am the new head baseball coach at James River High School.  Here, I will post my thoughts as I embark on this journey as a high school teacher, baseball coach, and working member of Rapids Baseball Incorporated.


February, 2017

My first season as head coach. I am excited, nervous and ready. There has been so much to learn to do this job well and it all is just exciting. I am getting the gear ordered and am excited for our players to come to practice and start to earn their spot. Not just on the field, but as a leader on the team, leader of a practice, a leader in maintaining the locker room and dugout. There is lots of leadership opportunities in this program.

With each win we have, we will identify what we need to do better. Together. With each loss we have, we will learn humility and kick-start the fire for the next win. Win or lose, we will practice leaving it all in the rear view mirror and move on to the next play, hit or game. I can’t wait to meet the new squad later this month and begin the process to build a winning team.

I don’t want us to be given anything: I want us to earn it. New coach, new season, new outlook. It takes a lot to be a part of this program and yet if it comes from the heart, it is not work at all. In preparing for my first season as head coach, I have come to find that my heart is all-in and I love being a coach. I love these guys who have come to winter conditioning – they are working hard and they make me laugh and it is all it should be.

I am excited for a new JV head coach who will help build our team of tomorrow while giving our varsity more depth as may be needed. Coach Pasquantino will add a whole new dimension to the JV players with his past playing and coaching experience. He has me impatient to see what skills and drills he will add to the program.

I am grateful for all the support I have been given and intend to play to win, all season. Please come watch a game and if you tell our concession staff you read my blog, they will give you a piece of bubble gum – to keep or give away. That will tell me you support me in the stands, too.


July, 2016

In my first month as head coach we hosted two baseball camps.  It felt so good to be a part of something bigger than just our program. The kids at both camps were awesome and I had as much fun as they did. It reminds me that baseball is supposed to be fun. The minute it becomes work, these kids – or me – need to take a step back and figure out if it is time to move on. If you love what you do, not much about it is work.

So far, I have had fun in most all my roles as head coach and hope that this carries me through the difficult days that likely lie ahead as those are just a part of life, and am sure will be part of my baseball coaching career. I have a lot of goals for the JRHS baseball program and RBI.  I am truly fortunate to have RBI to help shape the program through its upgraded facility and unwavering support for the baseball program needs.

I know I enter as head coach at a time where the bank financing for the building still needs to be paid and the facility needing a face lift after seven years of use, but I embrace the events we will host with support from many parents, players and the RBI Board and other RBI supporters. I think important that our players work to maintain the great facility that former players worked hard to build: that is our responsibility.

I look forward to working with all kids, future baseball players or not, at our youth camps and other events we are planning with other friends and coaches of James River.  I know our players will show great leadership and life skills as we have a week of fun and baseball instruction in any of our camps. Thank you everyone, for your support as I begin my coaching journey at James River!

Bryan Hannum