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Thanks to John Titus for working with RBI Baseball to provide this first class facility at James River High School. Thank you for your hard work and perseverance. You passion and compassion for the Midlothian District and James River is without match. – Debra Girvin, Chesterfield County School Board
Debra Girvin, Chesterfield County School Board - Midlothian District
Hi John, It appears that you are once again doing good deeds under the shadow of The Clarke Kent(Superman) persona! It is no surprise to me that you would be the force behind the creation of a “first class” baseball facility. I would expect nothing less. While so many of your fans remember your leadership at James River, I want to take this opportunity to share some John Titus moments that some may not know about. I will never forget the the kind handwritten note that you sent to me in Hampton, welcoming me to Chesterfield as the new superintendent. I will forever remember you for your thoughtfulness and the obligatory “purple and green” m&ms! However, I believe my fondest memory of you is seeing you impersonating Michael Jackson at a Senior Class event. A member of your staff sent me the CD……..(continued)
Billy K. Cannaday, Jr., Ed.D. 
continued…. The word on the street was that Mr. T  performed a “cool” moonwalk. What made this event so memorable, was the backstory that lead to that performance. Some months earlier the Senior class had acted poorly at a school event with parents and others in attendance. As a result of this uncharacteristic behavior, you suspended Senior Class activities for the spring. Members of the senior class were disappointed, but also very remorseful. When asked by some the seniors if they could have a talent show, you not only said yes, but you also agreed to their request that you dress up as MJ-silver gloves, jacket with glitter, moon walking shoes and classic white socks. Wow! Seeing you on the CD reminded me that you truly are a “student advocate” in every way. Thanks, John, for all that you do to inspire a giving spirit! From a Hokie/Hoo to another Hoo….I am so VERY PROUD of you!      
- Billy K. Cannaday, Jr., Ed.D. - Vice Provost for Academic Outreach and Dean School of Continuing & Professional Studies - UVA| SCPS
Far and wide, people came here to honor John Titus. With stories and words – lots of impressive words. Thoughtful, witty, caring. Visionary. Intuitive leadership. Respected by students and teachers alike. From Lacrosse, to John Tyler Community College, Monacan High School Robious Elementary School and, of course, his beloved James River High School, Mr. Titus brought you all together. Very much the kind of person we all strive to be and should honor as a role model for others who have not yet met him. Post your comment to Mr. Titus if you discovered this special tribute too late to participate in the Matching Challenge. We will include them in our own tribute to him. Everyone who participated with a comment to Mr. Titus or a donation, or both, will be invited. Stay tuned!
Thank you!



This transformation would not have been possible without your support!  Thank you John Titus!

Our old JV Baseball Field at James River High School

Thanks to your vision we now have this wonderful facility!  Thank you John Titus!

Thanks to your vision we now have this wonderful facility! Thank you John Titus!

Thank you so much for your support!

John Titus, former principal at James River High School

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Challenge Achieved!

With pledges from the community, we met this matching challenge! Thank you for joining our team! We appreciate your generosity of spirit and giving. 

I Appreciate John Titus

Honor Mr. Titus with your comment to him about what he meant to you and donate if you can.  

This building was built with his vision!

The Building

Make a donation and add a personal note to Mr. Titus, as you know he was famous for writing to others – now it is his turn to receive them- remind him of how he impacted your life, about the note he sent to you that was meaningful or just tell him how much you appreciate him. As a member of the founding Board of Directors for this James River High School centered nonprofit called RBI, he has made a difference in Chesterfield County that spreads wider than James River High School. Check out RBI’s mission. It has his signature all over it.

John Titus was the visionary principal at James River High School who saw the opportunity for a public-private partnership to be a successful way to integrate the school with the community.   This partnership would be a model for other public high schools to partner with local businesses to do similar good works in times of reduced school funding.  Little did Mr. Titus know, but the building he helped to build on the James River High School baseball field with the approval of the School Board, would turn into a beautiful facility groomed by the high school baseball coaches and admired by many people far away.

All proceeds used towards the construction financing for the building.

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